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Buchtar Sued 1 Year Jail


Buchtar Tabuni

Former Chairman KNPB, Buchtar Tabuni who is now appointed as Chairman of the National Parliament of Papua Barat (PNPB), Tuesday (18/9) yesterday demanded a year in jail by prosecutors Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Kobarubun Ahmad, SH.
These demands, read out in the courtroom held at Chakra, Class 1a Jayapura District Court, led by Chief Justice, Haris Munandar, SH.

Buchtar related to the case on trial LP destruction Abepura on December 3, 2010, was accompanied by his lawyer, Gustaf Kawer, SH, M.Sc. Present at the hearing Buctar still wearing suits that greatness uniform camouflage shirt and pants.

In the injunction claim, the prosecutor stated that the burden was due to defendant disturbing the public, resulting in the victim’s Office Jayapura Prison Class IIA suffered damage in the form of glass windows, door panels, locks and roof tiles, so it can not be used again.

While mitigating circumstances is the defendant being polite and frankly admitted his actions in court, regretted his actions, had been punished.

So the prosecutor asked the judges to decide:

  1. Declare Buchtar Tabuni proven legally and convincingly guilty of committing a crime ‘destruction’ and punishable as provided in Article 406 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code, jo article 55 paragraph subsection (1) to-1 KHUP.
  2. Dropping the criminal proceedings against the accused Buchtar Tabuni be imprisonment of 1 (one) year with reduced during the defendant is in custody and orders with defendants remained in detention.
  3. Declare the evidence of two stones, five shards of glass (irampas to be destroyed).
  4. Declare that defendant Buchtar Tabuni burdened to pay the court fee of Rp. 1000, – (one thousand dollars)

Upon the demand, through the Advisory statute, Buchtar Tabuni asked for time to file a defense on Friday (21/9) future. So by the presiding judge, adjourned and resumed on Friday 21st September 2012 with the agenda of the session by reading the defense attorneys accused.

After the hearing, Gustaf Kawer SH states that the trial of the fact there is no congruence between one witness to another witness, the presiding judge maintains his side should dare to liberate Buchtar Tabuni the grounds, the case is the case of the destruction of prison long enough. “In the event the court the fact that Buchtar Tabuni totally invisible in the case of destruction, and there is no compatibility between the witness with the other witnesses,” he said.

Gustaf also stated that the actual Buchtar arrested on June 6, 2012 and related to the shooting that occurred around Jayapura, but there is no evidence of police involvement Buctar Tabuni, so put on the case of destruction Buctar Tabuni long Abepura Prison.

KNPB spokesman, Wim Medlama the received SMS Bintang Papua mention that in principle KNPB asked sternly to, the Public Prosecutor and the judges, to act wisely and professionally. “If the law says not guilty, or guilty why the delay stall tuk reading material demands. KNPB very upset application of law in Papua sehingg need in question, ‘he said.

He said that on Friday (21/9) later KNPB with West Papuan People’s Court will come down to Class 1A in full force to demand that Bucthar Tabuni found not guilty and released unconditionally.


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