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Buchtar Tabuni: I’m not the perpetrator, Free Me “Hi Courts Indonesia: Not Fair.


There is a very strange feeling in my courtroom Indonesia because at the moment I live session Abepura Prison destruction is as if I was a perpetrator in this case. I am very sorry to performance Papua police in evidence in court as evidenced by a judge in a court of law is not strong.

I am very pleased with the conduct of the police in handling the case because I will uncover the real culprits in this case. When I am free from the bondage of this case, I will also make a police report and will reveal who the main actors are cases of vandalism Abepura Prison.

I feel that the riots that led to the destruction of the prison facility on December 3, 2011 Abepura then, there are others who are more deserving made defendants. It’s just that I did not mention who the person in question.

I say that in the oral defense of this that the riot at the prison, including the flight number to the inmate killed in the name Miron Wetipo the run, is as a conspiracy.
One is aimed to discredit the credibility of the Head Roll New Abepura Institute, Liberti Sitinjak the time of his inauguration protests from previous Abepura Agency Head Roll, Antonius Ayorbaba, there are projects worth billions.

While the defense memorandum read by his lawyers, Gustaf Kawer, SH, M.Si, and a number of other lawyers, stating that the defendant be released, because the elements on which the indictment charges and the Public Prosecutor not being met. Whoever that is, elements, elements blatant, together elements of violence, and the elements of persons or goods.

“By not proven one element of the indictment alone, it is considered a legal offense charged in the indictment unity is not proven beyond reasonable doubt,” said the defendant’s legal counsel when reading the legal analysis of the case.

In the initial pleadings of Buchtar memorandum read by his lawyers also claimed that the defendant regrets over the arrest of the accused on the date June 7, 12 at Red Light Abepura, because without showing any appointment letter or an arrest warrant.

And when there was a commotion in the Abepura prison, in a memorandum of defense, denying Buchtar involved in the destruction. Precisely stated that he tried to calm the masses not to do anarchists and do not get into the room sterile.

Upon reading of the memorandum of the defense, the judges stated directly given their verdict, but could not immediately be delivered, because they have made the concept. So the trial was adjourned until Tuesday (25/9).


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