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For First Time, Terror Bombing occurred in Wamena


Wamena 18 Sebtember 2012 night, for the first time a bomb blast in Wamena. The incident resulted in 2 blasts and 1 Police Station shop on fire. While four of the victims in this incident, the other two were killed and two seriously injured. The two victims, according to the watchlist are undergoing treatment at the General Hospital of Wamena.

The blast occurred exactly in the Irian, Wamena town, precisely at the intersection between the road and the road Irian Ahmad Yani. Then the bomb blast victims at the first time at this Wamena. Until now the victim’s identity is not known in full, as well as the identity of the owner of the house. Perpetrators and the motive was unclear.

The incidence of terrorist bombings, according to a scenario while reading Indonesia in an attempt to justify the presence of the Special Detachment 88, and a new project in Papua police chief, Gen. Tito Karnavian in order to legitimize and justify its presence as a hero eradication of terrorists in Papua. Secondly, according to the readings while, the bomb incident deliberately created in order to legitimize the presence of Detachment 88 in West Papua and to justify the act of “secretly” taken Detachment 88 to kill Papuan independence activists.

More recently, Indonesia got hit hard on Australian media, particularly the reports of involvement in the killing of activists Detachment 88 KNPB, Mako Tabuni. The paper invited the foreign ministers of the reaction and various politicians in the world who criticize the action of abuse of anti-terror forces for killing Papuan activist. Indonesia is shrewd. Indonesia wants to improve the image of Indonesia in the community by creating terrorist acts to justify its presence in Papua, Detachment 88 in Papua.

According to our predictions, an attempt was also made to banish terror fight peace and dignity of the people of Papua in the international eye. Indonesia was the actions that need to be done to stigmatize or label terrorists or criminals against Papuan independence activists, so that Papuan holy struggle cap herded into terrorists.


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