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Buchtar Tabuni sentenced to 8 Months Jail


Chairman of the National Parliament of West Papua (PNWP), Buctar Tabuni sentenced to eight months in prison on Tuesday (25/9) in the Class 1 District Court Abepura, Papua. He was sentenced to a judge in the District Court with a Class 1 Abepura Penitentiary grounds destroyed Jayapura.

When asked for comment on the ruling, Attorney, Gustaf Kawer M.Hum SH and the defendant, Buktar Tabuni requested that the 7 days given the opportunity to think about the judge’s decision. Gustaf Kawer, the media is mengatkan, judges’ decision is postponed next week. Because, he says, is not in accordance with clause imposed by the judge to the defendant.

“The fact the trial showed that the defendant should dibebasakan being incompatible BAP. The judge was hesitant in taking decisions, because in Article 170 imposed, Buctar Tabuni that if the rules hukumanya sentenced 5 years 6 months in prison. But why Buctar sentenced to eight months in prison. From here recently reflected that the judges are still in doubt in the defendant’s decision, “said Kawer.

Kawer said, of the five witnesses presented by prosecutors, witnesses, three of which can be categorized as a witness. However, two other witnesses not be in agreement with the other two. Two of these witnesses was a correctional officer. “This is a made-up scenario that the decision was not appropriate. Should Buktar acquitted, “he explained.

“If present witnesses must be in accordance with clear evidence. If this is law enforcement’s suppose we kidding. The country is a constitutional state. So the judge should be firm and honest in taking kepusan trial. Do not hesitate to take the right decision, “said Kawer.

When asked whether to appeal or not, Kawer said he was hanging from the defendant. “We’ll see after seven days. Rev inigin Defendant appeals, then we will lanjutakan, “he said.


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