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KNPB Ask Buchtar Tabuni Unconditional Release


The Resolute West Papua National Committee (KNPB) through a spokesman Wim Rocky Medlama chairman requested the immediate release of the National Parliament of Papua Barat (PNPB) who had been held since a few months ago and is undergoing a period of detention in prisons Abepura.

“This is a national spokesperson stated KNPB, Wim Medlama when met the media on Monday (25/9) yesterday around Waena, Jayapura, Papua.

“We are calling for the immediate release of the head PNPB unconditionally,” said national spokesman for West Papua.

“He explained that, since the first live trial to date, in the trial, who also chairs PNPB Bucthar does not show strong evidence that he was the perpetrator vandalism in Abepura prison in 2010 ago,” he explained.

Wim continued, “And when the trial several witnesses also never voted present, including former Kalapas and former chairman of Komnas HAM, Matthew Murib. It was deliberately created by the State of Indonesia to suppress democratic Papuans in West Papua, So based on these things we firmly request to release Buchtar Tabuni, chairman PNPB without conditions, “he said.

Buchtar arrested before I KNPB chairman, Mako Tabuni was shot dead by officers at the National Housing Authority Waena III last June. Meanwhile, Buchtar itself around the circle Abepura arrested while going home after attending a meeting held by the DPRP DPRP in the office and he was stopped by police then detained until today Bichtar undergoing trial.


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