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Police Arrest Members KNPB in Wamena


Wamena, Indonesia KNPBnews resume-Police raid KNPB Regional Secretariat Baliem Wamena and arresting eight members of KNPB this afternoon (29/9) at 5:30, in the complex Potikelek, Wamena, West Papua.

Chairman KNPB Baliem area, Simion Dabi KNPBnews when contacted this afternoon confirmed that its members, the Secretary General KNPB Baliem area, Janus WaMu (26), Eddo Doga (26), Irika Kosay (19), Jusuf Hiluka (52), Yan Mabel (33 ), Amus Elopere (22), Wioge Kosay (18) and Melias Kosay (35) has been arrested by the Secretariat KNPB inhumane Baliem Wamena.

“At approximately 5:30 this afternoon from the unit Detachment 88 police and armed police with using 2 trucks Dalmas, Extrada 4 cars, 2 police cars and about 14 motorcycles and five vehicles in our raid had honai, secretary and seven people were arrested, and he said tomorrow they will return home toasty honai here. We do not know the motive for the arrest, but this possibility is related to the scenario KNPB activists led to the terrorist bombing case linking some time ago in the Irian Wamena “, said Dabi with exasperation.

According Dabi arbitrary arrests without legal procedures and is currently the eighth person arrested is in an unsafe condition. The eight members of KNPB currently dintrogasi, forced and intimidated in Wamena police.

KNPB Chairman, Victor Yeimo Jayawijaya Police have urged that the eight members released, “I have direct phone but does not answer, I simply SMS the Chief of Police to immediately release my men were arrested, because it does not act civilized and well-mannered”, Victor firm.

Previous (23/9), six members of KNPB in Timika arrested in the street by the Indonesian police and intimidated during the day in the Timika district police. Without one, KNPB activists continue to be pursued, arrested, intimidated and killed by the Homeland. (Wd)

For those of you who care about humanity and the struggle of West Papua nation demanded immediate release of eight activists KNPB the Jayawijaya Police Arifin in hp no +628125421793.


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