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Police Arrest Members of KNPB and Parliament in Timika


Indonesian police again arrested 6 members of the National Committee of West Papua [KNPB] and the Regional People’s Parliament (PRD) in front of the church Ebenheser, Timika, (23/09) at 04.00 pm.

Monitoring Knpbnews this afternoon, police officers from the Indonesian Mobile Brigade unit using 2 cars AVANSA and patrol cars blocked suddenly when they were about to come join the meeting. “There were about six people including four civilians KNPB 1 member and 1 PRD members boarded and arrested for no apparent reason at 04.00 pm when they were come join the meeting.

The names of those that can be captured are: 1. Mark Murri, 2. Oktovina Iba, 3. Tinna Barru 4. Rosiana Hindom, 5. Amaria, 6. Agustina Hegemur.

Mam Tinna Baru revealed in their journey through New Mimika Police Office and Police headed to Mile 32. Until the arrival there the 6 people can be intimidated by the police “We are in terror, forced, slammed, mugged with a gun” he said.

Having examined the six people they were released today Monday, 24/10/2012 at 5000 WTP

Around 5:00 pm 5:00 am PAP PAP until they were finally fed mama Oktovina Iba age 49 tqhun vomit mixed with blood and this morning rushed in Timika district general hospitals (hospitals) in SP IV Timika

With the arrest of the above incidents and situations that are not safe Timika town is the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) with Timika Region People’s Parliament Timika area (PRDM) stated position that:

That the police in Timika was nearly stop arbitrary arrests against activists KNPB, PRDM and civilians for no apparent reason.

Police in Timika that immediately stop the prolonged civil war in Timika and stop fostering and make wrong residents with the words “let them finish according to customary law.”

That the police responsible for the killing of two citizens who were shot in a civil war camp Omongang Anthon on June 18, 2012 on behalf of Andelius Ongomang (45-man) and his brother Ongomang Dony (43 years old-male).


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