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KNPB Analysis: Scenario Behind Terror In West Papua


Initial allegations that scenario rulers to silence peaceful resistance movement by starting KNPB real and proven. This is already the practice of colonialism lasim used by colonial rulers and capitalists against the people in the occupied territories and rights plundered political economy. That party ANC and Nelson Mandela in South Africa have also experienced the practice under Apartheid rule.

From the shooting up of terror in West Papua, Indonesia at least very concerned that: First, KNPB organizations and activists were killed by terrorists and separatists reasons, secondly, to make West Papua as a land operation Detachment 88; Third, that the issue of security in the Asia Pacific region, notably West Papua into Indonesia reason to strengthen security cooperation with the imperialist countries.

Scenario Degradation Resistance Movement

If you see the first scenario, the Indonesian colonizers saw no other way to silence and destroy the peaceful rise of reversing the movement of West Papuan activists and organizations in addition to herding toward criminals and terrorists. Indonesia is not like the West Papuan people are doing a peaceful demonstration demanded their rights in a democracy, making the demonstrations, provoked protest that occurred criminal blockade protest of the people of West Papua and in the name of “law”, law enforcement raping the democratic space by capturing , memenjarahkan, hitting and killing activists and masses of demonstrators.

Indonesia was, sedition and treason chapter addressed to the freedom fighters did not kill the movement, so another way is now used to make drama shootings and bombings, then scapegoat peace movement activists. Evidence, Mako Tabuni was jailed for leading a demonstration in 2009. Prison does not make Mako Tabuni back and he continued to lead demonstrations and Indonesia take another way that makes Mako Tabuni as casualties from shooting scenario and terror special forces sent from Jakarta, involving Papua Police Detachment 88.

The shooting of the mass demonstrations KNPB and other civilians by various units of the Indonesian military in West Papua left and did not receive treatment before the law, the law of the Republic of Indonesia. Instead, the executor is seen as a hero and given the title position and money. When police attack civilians with weapons, in a Dormitory Limboran some time ago is not considered a terrorist. When the army attacked residents Eduda, Paniai 2011 and is not considered a terrorist. Almost all immigrant population in Papua have been armed with a sword to a gun is never dirasia and it is protected, but the arrows as dirasia Papuan culture, Yusak Pakage carrying only a knife nail just been arrested and charged an emergency clause.

Scenario KNPB labeling activists as terrorists started to surface in Wamena. Mode it starts from the 1st of September 2012 in the Council Offices Jayawijaya and 18 September in New Guinea Post Wamena road traffic cop. Suddenly the 19 police also reverse the findings of parcel bombs in the office Satlantas Jayapura. It is expected that the final findings and blasting will be directed at engineering where KNPB activists serve as actors of possession and terror bombings.

Territory Housing Secretariat KNPB Baliem Wamena is an open space which is always visited by the people of West Papua. The existence of the Secretariat is constantly monitored by the intelligence, both from outsiders, as well as local residents who deliberately installed as an agent Homeland. KNPB as openly media always receive visitors. In organizations, activists KNPB lately focused on strengthening the mass consolidation, and has no agenda to assemble bombs and attacked military police or other institutions or other buildings. Is an engineering and is the game of herding scenario KNPB Activists in Wamena become terrorists.

As an effort to legitimize Detachment 88 in West Papua

Special anti-terror detachment trained by Australian police, after counterterrorism missions against fundamentalist network in Indonesia, feel that there is no project that Detachment 88 have to find a new field project. West Papua is the only place for the anti-terror targeting Free Papua fighters finish. So, no wonder that Paul AKB Waterpau some time ago confirmed that Papua Police Ditreskrim ikuasai by former Detachment 88 troops.

Detachment 88 was criticized by ABC TV Australia’s involvement in killing the activists KNPB, Mako Tabuni, where Foreign Minister of Australia, Bob Carr joined elanggaran reacting to human rights in West Papua. Felt tips Detachment 88 from getting caught in West Papua, Indonesia and then set the scenario by raising the issue of terrorism in West Papua that Australia, the U.S. and the UK as a back-up Detachment 88 can continue to train and fund Detachment 88. West Papua is seen as operating region Detachment 88, so any movement on the issue of the independence struggle led terrorists.

Substitution Tito Karnavian police chief who is a former head of Detachment 88 is increasingly proving intent. Of course Detachment 88 projects operating in West Papua will be the main program. Former Detachment 88 which has been experienced in combat-kill terrorist network in Indonesia fundamentally directed to West Papua to eradicate Papuan independence activist who fought peacefully and with dignity.

Issues Terror Bombing in West Papua was created and published by the media propaganda Indonesia to create opinions that terrorism in West Papua, and the placement of Detachment 88 went smoothly, as a result of engineering issues. It is obviously cruel game practiced by the Homeland in West Papua.

Scenario Sell on International Security Issues

Currently, the Government of Indonesia to strengthen diplomatic relations with the United States and Australia, particularly in the field of defense. Of course, countries that have economic interests in the Asia Pacific region, was Indonesia as a “security guard” that needs to be armed with military force in an attempt to secure the Pacific Asia region from security threats at home and abroad.

West Papua is seen as an imperialist economic field, where Indonesia was-involved character Soekarno-selling issue of terrorism in a hook imperial countries like the U.S.. In the past, the issue of communist Seokarno use to seize West Papua, the Indonesian government is now using the issue of combating terrorism. Thus, the Indonesian West Papua should be the area with the threat of terrorism in order to project anti-terror joint imperialist countries continue to be maintained, more specifically International can continue to recognize the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia in West Papua.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a bilateral meeting with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa in U.S. (20/9), the promising sales 4 Helycopter Apache brand. That collaboration is proof that Indonesia managed to sell regional security issues, so expect the position of mutual need between the U.S. and Indonesia did not interfere with the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. Homeland is foreign policy.

Of the shooting and bombing, freedom fighters of West Papua have led to the terrorists that the imperialist countries can beridir behind Indonesia to eradicate fighters who had been sold by the Indonesian terrorist label.

Victims of ethnic violence in Timika in West Papua, where Freeport-owned U.S. operating is allowed by the state, Detachment 88 which had killed Kelly Kwalik in Timika did not serve to keep people from tribal war conflict. Instead, the state with the Indonesian military in order to maintain the conflict in Indonesia Timika easily sell a security issue, and the U.S. was Indonesia’s important to keep his assets in Timika.

It is a vicious colonial practices in the modern age, in which the oppressed people to fight terrorists herded into, in order to project security for high-ranking military and state interests can be maintained. And, oppressed people became aware of all the dirty game, where the practice of colonialism and imperialism have always managed to teach the oppressed people to realize that the struggle for freedom is an absolute. (Victor Yeimo)



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