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Socrates Sofyan Yoman: Author of Forbidden Books by Indonesia in West Papua

Writing to Generate Papuan identity

For Papuans, Rev. Socratez S. Yoman, familiar. The minister who now choose to live in a house that is a bit far from the settlement, is still active in writing books. Here’s a talk with Bintang Papua. Papuan issue, he had long been crippled, mute and frightened by a system of the State as cruel and inhumane. That’s the basis that he actively writes books that often reaps controversy, and most of his books have been banned in Indonesia. Told that there is one figure who became prime inspiration. “I was inspired by Arnold Ap, a Papuan Cultural base G who was murdered in 1984 by the current Kopasanda Kopassus and Mambesak song called,” story when Bintang Papua to visit her in Itha Wakhu Purom, Padang Bulan, Heeram District, Jayapura, Wednesday (3/10).

With songs that reveal the identity of the Papuans, according to Arnold Ap, lyrics can evoke Papuan identity and revive the life of the nation of Papua. “He’s telling you that you have a language, you have a culture, he knows love through the songs,” he said again. Although Arnold Ap was killed, he said his name still live with the people and the nation of Papua.

“I thought, I can not sing, but God love another talent of writing. Writing is for me very easily. I am thankful to God for giving me the talent, “he continued.

Support his wife and two children and people who are members of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Papua, very meaningful for him until he could produce works that can be said has worldwide. His writings, created as a means to build awareness of the nation. “Restore the truth is their identity,” he said.

Through his writing, as a means to awaken the nation of Papua and to restore the true identity of the Papuans, who had been the truth is buried by Indonesian nation. “This is actually my message,” he said.

If other pastors preaching in the pulpit, he chose to preach to the paper. “Whether people want to accept and do not accept it’s a matter of a second. While I am alive, I wrote and wrote a prophetic voice to voice it, “he said lagi.Ia want to try to really convince the nation of Papua, that you are a nation that has an identity.

“I also want you to know the people of Papua, that you are the legal owner of the land and this nation of Papua,” he added. Also would love to know, to the people of Papua and other nations that had been incorrectly assessed Papuans. “I Masu you know people are migrants in Papua, that you were wrong about the country given out by the Papuan people,” he said still with a firm tone.

His books, said that there has been in the Library of Congress. “From the library of the U.S. Congress, they ask for my books, two years ago. They ask and tell me officially, “he said. In fact, the book has been completed the process of editing, and are still waiting for the lay out for printing, has received support from many leaders, both locally, nationally, and internationally.

“I’ve got the endorsement (approval or endorsement) of a number of figures at home and abroad. As Pieter Grooglever (author of a book called Act of Free Choice, People papua and Self-Determination, which states’ Read this book Reverend Yoman: Sounds sad that we simply should not miss’ The book is titled ‘Crimes Against Humanity Shepherd’s Voice in the Land Papua ‘.

The book, he also has no other party is willing to fund for translation into English. In fact he also is finalizing two other books that will follow next.

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