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1. Introduction to Profile

West Papua National Committee [KNPB] is a vessel built by union organizations of the national liberation struggle of West Papua in the country on 19 November 2008, at STT Walter Post, Sentani, West Papua. The agency was originally formed in response to standoff and rigid attitude of the political struggle organizations to encourage the movement of people welcomed the launch of the International parliament for West Papua in London, England and continued energy mass movement of the people of West Papua in West Papua Independence Day celebration, December 1, 2008 and .

Along the way, the West Papua National Committee [KNPB] continues to coordinate with organizations around the moral and political force in the country and consequently abroad. Because, KNPB formed not as a rival organ, but as a forum for the unification agenda of the people of West Papua.

See the phenomenon of the national struggle of West Papua movement is increasingly degraded in the culture of selfishness, organ and populist sentiment, the commitment to Youth Students with masses of people of West Papua, and fully based on the spirit of patriotism, then KNPB returned to revitalize the West Papuan national agenda and reconstruction of structures on December 15, 2008 at the Hall of STT Walter Post, Sentani, West Papua.

Given the increasingly urgent needs of the struggle, as well as internal conditions KNPB look a little stiff after a political action driven by several activist in the organization were arrested and jailed, and the stagnation of employment in some areas, it made the Great Council (Mubes I) KNPB on March 21 through August 24, 2009, in Port Numbay where KNPB network in these areas take place to fix the structure and establish strategic programs amid factional dynamics that threaten the interests of internal struggles and the ultimate goal of the struggle.

2. Nature

West Papua National Committee [KNPB] is a West Papuan People’s Media which is open to any component of the national liberation movement in West Papua and does not distinguish ideological roots, historical and political roots facsionalization occurring in West Papua National Liberation Movement. Each component of the right to engage in KNPB all components are not contradicting Purpose, Principles, nature and character of the formation of KNPB.

3. Character

West Papua National Committee characteristic broad, patriotic nationalist, democratic and militant

4. Destination

KNPB established with the goal of becoming the nation’s media people of West Papua in West Papua National Liberation Movement with a common agenda, to demand the right to self-determination regulated universal through referendum as a middle way in the seats the West Papua issue in a democratic, fair and civilized.

5. Principles of Struggle

Mediate Papuans toward referendum by Law and Political Process. In conducting the struggle, KNPB struggled through diplomatic and non-diplomatic.

6. Principle of Struggle

1) Time-based Papuan Resistance
2) Diplomacy
3) Militants

7. Main Functions

The main function of the West Papua National Committee  is the western Mediating the people of the nation in the Land of Papua New Guinea from Sorong to Merauke to fight for the Right to Self-Determination by encouraging the international community in the fight Self-Determination for the People of West Papua in Justice, Dignity, Democracy and Peace.

8. Shape and Position

KNPB have a form called the National Council Legislative Committee, and has a form of executive leadership under Secretary General Chairman who is assisted in carrying out the daily work functions KNPB. KNPB activities open struggle with the mass of the people of West Papua and is fully supported by the entire organization of the Free Papua movement, both at the national level down to the base of the network down.

9. Structure

KNPB structure at the Centre and in the same area. And retrieved as needed labor struggle today is: The importance of organizations struggle to accommodate the interests of the masses of the people of West Papua in a flexible, moderate and progressive without being tied down in factional tub.

10. Slogan

“We Must End”

11. Mars

Go up all the children of the nation state
Forward, and we are opposed

We trus forward to the intent
To get to the liberation

Don’t scared and do not waver
Go up close the ranks
Spread symbol your opponent
Flag of victory


KNPB remain opponent ……opponent …..
It must end …
KNPB keep opponents …. opponent
We must end the 2 x
Ooo … ooo …. oooo …. oooo.


Set in KNPB Congress I
Port Numbay 19 November 2008

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