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Socrates Sofyan Yoman: Author of Forbidden Books by Indonesia in West Papua

Writing to Generate Papuan identity

For Papuans, Rev. Socratez S. Yoman, familiar. The minister who now choose to live in a house that is a bit far from the settlement, is still active in writing books. Here’s a talk with Bintang Papua. Papuan issue, he had long been crippled, mute and frightened by a system of the State as cruel and inhumane. That’s the basis that he actively writes books that often reaps controversy, and most of his books have been banned in Indonesia. Told that there is one figure who became prime inspiration. “I was inspired by Arnold Ap, a Papuan Cultural base G who was murdered in 1984 by the current Kopasanda Kopassus and Mambesak song called,” story when Bintang Papua to visit her in Itha Wakhu Purom, Padang Bulan, Heeram District, Jayapura, Wednesday (3/10). (more…)

Police Arrest Members KNPB in Wamena

Wamena, Indonesia KNPBnews resume-Police raid KNPB Regional Secretariat Baliem Wamena and arresting eight members of KNPB this afternoon (29/9) at 5:30, in the complex Potikelek, Wamena, West Papua.

Chairman KNPB Baliem area, Simion Dabi KNPBnews when contacted this afternoon confirmed that its members, the Secretary General KNPB Baliem area, Janus WaMu (26), Eddo Doga (26), Irika Kosay (19), Jusuf Hiluka (52), Yan Mabel (33 ), Amus Elopere (22), Wioge Kosay (18) and Melias Kosay (35) has been arrested by the Secretariat KNPB inhumane Baliem Wamena.

Police Arrest Members of KNPB and Parliament in Timika

Indonesian police again arrested 6 members of the National Committee of West Papua [KNPB] and the Regional People’s Parliament (PRD) in front of the church Ebenheser, Timika, (23/09) at 04.00 pm.

Monitoring Knpbnews this afternoon, police officers from the Indonesian Mobile Brigade unit using 2 cars AVANSA and patrol cars blocked suddenly when they were about to come join the meeting. “There were about six people including four civilians KNPB 1 member and 1 PRD members boarded and arrested for no apparent reason at 04.00 pm when they were come join the meeting.

The names of those that can be captured are: 1. Mark Murri, 2. Oktovina Iba, 3. Tinna Barru 4. Rosiana Hindom, 5. Amaria, 6. Agustina Hegemur.

KNPB Ask Buchtar Tabuni Unconditional Release

The Resolute West Papua National Committee (KNPB) through a spokesman Wim Rocky Medlama chairman requested the immediate release of the National Parliament of Papua Barat (PNPB) who had been held since a few months ago and is undergoing a period of detention in prisons Abepura.

“This is a national spokesperson stated KNPB, Wim Medlama when met the media on Monday (25/9) yesterday around Waena, Jayapura, Papua.

“We are calling for the immediate release of the head PNPB unconditionally,” said national spokesman for West Papua. (more…)

Buchtar Tabuni sentenced to 8 Months Jail

Chairman of the National Parliament of West Papua (PNWP), Buctar Tabuni sentenced to eight months in prison on Tuesday (25/9) in the Class 1 District Court Abepura, Papua. He was sentenced to a judge in the District Court with a Class 1 Abepura Penitentiary grounds destroyed Jayapura.

When asked for comment on the ruling, Attorney, Gustaf Kawer M.Hum SH and the defendant, Buktar Tabuni requested that the 7 days given the opportunity to think about the judge’s decision. Gustaf Kawer, the media is mengatkan, judges’ decision is postponed next week. Because, he says, is not in accordance with clause imposed by the judge to the defendant.

Buchtar Tabuni: I’m not the perpetrator, Free Me “Hi Courts Indonesia: Not Fair.

There is a very strange feeling in my courtroom Indonesia because at the moment I live session Abepura Prison destruction is as if I was a perpetrator in this case. I am very sorry to performance Papua police in evidence in court as evidenced by a judge in a court of law is not strong.

I am very pleased with the conduct of the police in handling the case because I will uncover the real culprits in this case. When I am free from the bondage of this case, I will also make a police report and will reveal who the main actors are cases of vandalism Abepura Prison.

Buchtar Sued 1 Year Jail

Buchtar Tabuni

Former Chairman KNPB, Buchtar Tabuni who is now appointed as Chairman of the National Parliament of Papua Barat (PNPB), Tuesday (18/9) yesterday demanded a year in jail by prosecutors Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Kobarubun Ahmad, SH.
These demands, read out in the courtroom held at Chakra, Class 1a Jayapura District Court, led by Chief Justice, Haris Munandar, SH.

Buchtar related to the case on trial LP destruction Abepura on December 3, 2010, was accompanied by his lawyer, Gustaf Kawer, SH, M.Sc. Present at the hearing Buctar still wearing suits that greatness uniform camouflage shirt and pants.

In the injunction claim, the prosecutor stated that the burden was due to defendant disturbing the public, resulting in the victim’s Office Jayapura Prison Class IIA suffered damage in the form of glass windows, door panels, locks and roof tiles, so it can not be used again.